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Good (SEO) Housekeeping

February 3rd, 2011 by Jessica Runberg

Is your SEO becoming stale? If you implemented SEO several months or years ago, but haven’t done anything since then, your site is probably in need of a little housekeeping. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t just implement SEO and then expect to see a huge influx of traffic overnight. And you can’t count on “old” optimization to give you the same boost it did when you first implemented it.

Here are three simple housekeeping tasks that will give your SEO a boost!

  1. Fix broken links. Broken links happen. But they’re not only bad for SEO, they’re also bad for site visitors. Fixing, redirecting or omitting broken links will clean up your site and make it look like you’re on top of your business (to people and search engines!).
  2. Add fresh content. Search engines LOVE fresh content, which is why websites with frequently updated content tend to get high rakings. If your inventory doesn’t change over often or you don’t otherwise have a reason to add content on a regular basis, consider blogging. If you write it, they will come!
  3. Do your homework. If you’re not already tracking your analytics data through Google Analytics, now is the time to start! There’s a plethora of data just waiting to be mined that will give you clues about how you can improve your website. Harnessing this data will enable you to make adjustments to your optimization—both big and small—that will help you create a better site experience for visitors.

It’s time to get out the proverbial SEO housekeeping broom and get to work!