Google Art Project

February 10th, 2011 by Jessica Runberg

Last week, Google unveiled its latest pet project: Google Art Project. It appears that the search-engine giant is not only documenting the world website by website and street by street (with Google Maps), but it’s now documenting the world’s best art.

So far, Google has extensively photographed 17 galleries around the world using Google Map’s Street View technology to give visitors a virtual tour of the most beloved art galleries. Google Art Project enables visitors to browse the galleries as if they were actually there—virtually strolling the museums’ wings. State-of-the-art technology enables people to zoom in on the works of art and experience a level of detail that can’t be appreciated in person. You can even step outside the museum and roam the surrounding area or create your own art collection to share with family and friends.

Whether you want to take a sneak peak at a museum you’re planning to visit soon (hello, Versailles) or want to stroll down memory lane and wander the halls of one of your all-time favorites, Google Art Project won’t disappoint.


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