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Take Credit For Original Content With Publisher Tags

November 19th, 2010 by Patrick Hare

 Many of our clients who generate original content and syndicate it want to be sure that they are seen as the original source. From an SEO standpoint, owing the original content means that your page is more likely to rank for it. Google has added a feature where you can either take credit for your own work, or add it to your feed if the original content comes from somewhere else. By adding metatags called publisher tags, you can help signal the source of the information, especially if you wrote it yourself or run the news outlet. While we still don’t know all the SEO implications for this kind of tagging, it may help Google judge the legitimacy of your site if you follow their honor system when you’re syndicating content that is not your own. Better yet, if you are the original source, we would assume that this would give you a lift in SEO and news rankings when people make search queries matching your content.