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Google Analytics and SEO

August 28th, 2006 by WarrenT

I recently read that Google Analytics is now open for everyone. Apparently there is no longer a long wait before you receive an invitation.

Google Analytics is a great Web visitor and traffic statistics package. It allows a person to drill down and get insights that can make a difference between completing an action or not on a client’s website.

One feature is found under “All Reports” and is called “Cross Segmentation Performance”.

What keywords and search engines are visitors to my client’s website using? There’s a way to view that information by first navigating to the “Visitor Segment Performance Report” in the left side navigation of the window (it has a plus sign in front of it) and selecting “New vs Returning”. This report compares new visitors to my client’s website with those visitors who are returning to it. When that option is clicked on, a pie chart and a table showing Visits, Pageviews/Visit, GoalCompletion/Visit (and two other categories that do not apply to this client’s website) appears.

In front of each category (New Visitor and Returning Visitor) in the table there is a red button with double arrows pointing upward. Select the one in front of New Visitor by clicking on it. A dropdown menu appears with the options of Data Over Time, To-date Lifetime Value and Cross Segment Performance.

Using the Cross Segment Performance menu, click on it, to access another sub-menu.

The sub-menu choices include Source[Medium], Campaign, Keyword, Content, Country, and more.

Skip down to Keyword and click on that. The result shows the top 10 keywords that website visitors used during this particular reporting period to arrive at the website.

I like to see the ‘long tail’ so I go to the top of the report and select display 100. Now I can see not only the frequently used keywords but also those that are used just one time. This provides insight into what my client’s website visitors think its contents should be as well as what they know it is. Are there any keywords listed that I should consider using for optimization?

As I review the keywords, I also look to see how many pages were viewed when a particular keyword was used. If I also have set up some goals, I look to see what kind of activity was produced by the keyword.

In one client’s report, a keyword that was used only 4 times produced an average of 6 Pageviews per visitor. Even more importantly it also brought a whopping 25% of goal completion. That is significant information and I could have missed it by simply not looking at this client’s website traffic.

Google Analytics is free, easy to install and gives information that is valuable to websites that provide content or customer service or ecommerce or lead generation. That list is all the types of websites there are, so your website can benefit from using Google Analytics or a similar traffic statistics package too.

Warren Taylor – Senior Account Executive

Search Engine Reputation Management

August 14th, 2006 by Joe Griffin

Brand reputation can be destroyed by the likes of several online companies in the business of reporting consumer complaints about your brand. Public companies may also be discredited online by old articles showing up under a search for your company’s name. Often times these articles can continue to remind your audience about prior corporate mishaps, or remind investors about poor historical earnings. This can hurt your stock, your image, and your bottom line.

So the question is, how can these sites be removed? Here’s the answer: They can’t. Your only option is to outrank these sites therefore pushing these sites down. This can be done through microsites, press releases, and content about your business on other popular sites. This process is generally referred to as brand management or more specifically “search engine reputation management“. The Internet is like one big viral marketing playground. Your reputation is at stake – good public relations for the web is just as important as good public relations in the traditional world. Don’t let your brand be tarnished by other website ranking for your name on the first page of the search engines.

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