RSS & Backlinks Make a Great Pair

April 15th, 2010 by Lisa Rosenkrantz

If you’re looking for creative search engine optimization ideas, here’s one that will help you build solid backlinks and increase traffic to your site – implement RSS feeds.

An RSS feed to your website is a list of the articles and any links they include. If you can distribute these feeds, you can possibly turn the links on your site to a myriad of links from different locations. An RSS feed always comes with the location from which it’s taken; therefore, anyone who wants to see the content/media in full can click through to your website.

When you submit your RSS feed to the various RSS directories, it gets syndicated to hundreds of other sites which can generate more traffic to your site, creating RSS backlinks. This will also influence your site getting indexed in the search engines. Many of the popular RSS sites have a high page rank, which benefits you in Google.

RSS feeds are distributed to readers via online services known as RSS aggregators. An RSS aggregator is a website where you go to enter your RSS feed address and your title. They, in turn, create a page on their site just to display your feed. Visitors who are interested in reading your content can subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up with your latest information.

Some RSS services will show your complete post and content while others will only show the first few lines or characters – it just depends on the setup. Either way, if you add your desired link upfront, it’ll get posted on any site that is displaying your feed.

For best results, list your feed with as many RSS feed aggregators as possible. You can do this with software or manually – and it’s sometimes built into your web design. Obviously, the more exposure you get, the more free backlinks you’ll receive. So, if your feed is listed on 50 aggregators, each time you post just one link on your website, you’ll actually be multiplying that by 50. As each feed points back to your website, you’ll have an impressive number of one-way RSS backlinks from relevant web pages.


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