Brief Overview of the Google External Keyword Tool

February 12th, 2010 by Lisa Rosenkrantz

What is the Google Keyword Tool?
For those wishing to begin or step up a pay per click or SEO campaign, this online keyword research tool is the best available when they’re searching for relevant keywords that will help get websites found in the search engines. It enables you to explore keywords and their variations using search-based information and to generate valuable lists. You use this information to decide which keywords to bid on for advertising and/or optimizing your website.

What do you need it for?
You need quality keywords to make your site known to people who are searching on the Internet. Choosing your keywords wisely is your best bet for successful search engine marketing, but it can be a daunting task. With the invaluable data that is available to you via the keyword tool, you can quickly and easily target the best keywords for your needs. Using this free service will save you a lot of time, money and effort. Among other things, you will find out the search volume and competition level of your desired keywords, which helps determine if they are appropriate for your website and how much money they are worth in a pay per click campaign.

The search-based keyword suggestion tool can compare your website and current AdWords campaigns against actual, past Google search queries to identify any relevant keywords. You can even change certain settings, like the language or country, and get a different, more specific perspective.

How do you search?
You can do a couple of things with this keyword search tool. One option is to search using descriptive words or phrases by entering a desired term or phrase in the search field. It will yield any and all related keywords and synonyms. You can also enter the URL of the page for which you’re locating keywords, and the tool will pull out terms relative to that page, conduct a search and categorize the results. The tool is also set up so that you can export the list of keywords into an Excel spreadsheet that notes the search volume, competition level, etc. You can then analyze the data and use it for your campaign.

Using keyword tools is only the first step in building the foundation for your SEO campaign. But finding keywords isn’t enough – you have to know what to do with them. The professional SEO strategists at Search Agency can help you navigate the AdWords keyword tool and apply the information – and get you on the first page of Google. Call us at 1-877-Rank321.

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